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Englewood Construction – National Commercial Construction, Management and Maintenance

Englewood Construction, Inc. is a commercial general contractor specializing in the construction of retail, restaurant, shopping center, hotel, office and industrial projects throughout the United States. In addition, we have a designated team of distressed property experts dedicated to REO projects. Our scope of work includes all aspects of commercial construction, including pre-construction services, general contracting, construction management and maintenance.

Our executive team has more than 50 years of combined commercial construction experience. Since our founding in 2001, we’ve managed over 500 projects worth more than $250 million. In 2008, we oversaw projects in 22 different states. Englewood Construction’s national qualified subcontractor base exceeds 20,000 subcontractors and suppliers.
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William Di SantoWilliam Di Santo, President

Let me start by saying I consider myself old school. Case in point, when my team suggested we write a blog I had no idea what a blog really was. Sure, I’d heard of them, but I didn’t really understand them. I’m a bricks and mortar kind of guy.

But my whole life I’ve also been an advocate of sharing ideas and best practices. From my days as a practicing architect at Urban Investment and Development Co. to my time as vice president of Capitol Builders and R.A.S. Builders, Inc., I’ve always felt that having a dialogue was the best way to improve my knowledge base and in turn have a successful business.

So if writing a blog allows me (and Englewood) to better connect with clients, peers, subcontractors or anyone who has an interest in commercial construction then I’m totally on board.

There may be a lot of things about our industry that haven’t changed over the years – we’re still laying brick in mortar on brick, placing concrete and erecting steel as we did decades ago – but the way we communicate with each other is a whole new ball game. I for one am excited about our new blogging venture, Hard Hat Chat, and I hope you are too.

 Bill Di Santo
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Questions? Comments? You can reach me at bill.disanto@englewoodconstruction.com


Chuck TaylorChuck Taylor, Director of Operations

I love an adrenaline rush. Maybe that’s why one of my first jobs was as a firefighter/rescue diver. It’s also probably why I’ve worked in commercial construction for over 20 years – it’s a fast-paced environment of putting deals together and building the best project at the best price in a short time frame. It’s a challenge. And I’ll admit, it’s kind of a guy thing. But when Englewood Construction was hired as the general contractor for American Girl Place in 2008, I suddenly found myself spending an awful lot of time with dolls, makeup and dresses. The funny thing is I didn’t mind.

In fact, I became obsessed with all things American Girl – including the color pink – while we built out three stores for this incredibly successful retailer. That’s because I love the construction process, and I’m constantly craving new information in order to do my job better – from managing costs in restaurant construction to discovering the latest retail-construction trends.

This got me thinking. I’m sure there are people out there just there like me – looking for answers or trying to solve a problem related to commercial construction. So why not create a forum for us all to get together? Englewood has worked everywhere from Fifth Avenue to the Las Vegas Strip and built everything from shopping centers to warehouses. I like to think we have some valuable information to share – and some good stories to tell. So we created Hard Hat Chat.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in national commercial construction, we’re eager to share our insights, observations, tips and value-based news you can actually use. Whether you’re looking to do your job better, need advice on a construction project or simply want to discuss industry news and trends, we’re excited you found us.

 Chuck Taylor
Director of Operations
Tel: 847-233-9200 x712

Questions? Comments? You can reach me at chuck.taylor@englewoodconstruction.com